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The Nightingale (Твин пикс OST) Angelo Badalamenti
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Добавили: 2015-12-17

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Композиция: The Nightingale (Твин пикс OST)

Исполнитель: Angelo Badalamenti


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Текст песни:

The nightingale
It said to me
There is a love
Meant for me
The nightingale
It flew to me
And told me
That it found my love.

He said one day
I'll meet you
Our hearts will fly
With the nightingale.

The nightingale
He told me
One day
You will be with me.

The nightingale
Said he knew
That your love
Would find my love one day

My heart flies
With the nightingale
Through the night
All across the world.

I long to see you
To touch you
To love you
Forever more.

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