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Композиция: из сериала джонас

Исполнитель: Nick Jonas


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Текст песни:

You, you're like driving on a Sunday.
You, you're like taking off on Monday.
You, you're like a dream, a dream come true.

In your eyes, when I saw them for the first time,
In your eyes, I was gonna love you for a long time,
With a love, so real, so right

How, did it play out like a movie?
Now, everytime it's beat can move me
And I can't, get your smile, off my mind.

Cause you might think, that, I'm a fool
For falling over you.
And tell me what can I, do to prove to you that it's not so hard to do?

Give love a try, one more time.
Cause you know that I'm on your side.
Give love a try, one more time.

One more time


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