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Сомбреро Cheese People
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Добавили: 2016-10-11

Время проигрывания: 03:24

Композиция: Сомбреро

Исполнитель: Cheese People


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Текст песни:

I liked your dress
And I liked your face
I wanted to be with you forever
Your body was perfect
I knew your address
But we couldn’t be together never

Refrain х2
I wanted to change to make it better
To make it feel like I’m fall in love
But now it is gone, it doesn’t matter
But now I’m feel like I’m getting off

I wanted to go with you
Far-far away
I wanted just you, nobody another
I knew were I’m going
I chose a wrong way
But now I can stop it
But now I would rather

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